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Bled Congress Centre,

Young saxophonists in Bled

The park in front of the Bled Congress Centre will host a performance by youth saxophone orchestra on Saturday, 30 September, at 17:00.

SOS is Slovenian youth saxophone orchestra which consists of 30 participating members. The young saxophonists come from ten music schools and three musical high schools across Slovenia.

The primary goal of the orchestra is to create an environment that provides young musicians with quality conditions for learning to play within an orchestra and creating music as a group, which additionally motivates them to play and express themselves through their music. One of the orchestra’s pedagogic goals is also to discover exceptional musical talents early on and guide young musicians on their musical paths.

The SOS orchestra is led by professor Lev Pupis and professor Domen Koren. The orchestra is intended for saxophonists aged 13 and over, or anyone who is enrolled in at least 5th grade of saxophone lessons. The orchestra is always open to new members.

SOS prioritizes social time as one of the fundamental elements of orchestra membership as sociability plays an important role in wellbeing and helps create a space for creativity. Therefore, in addition to regular orchestra practices, SOS often organizes special preparation camps and tours at home as well as abroad.

Please join us in the company of young saxophonists in the magical park in front of the Bled Congress Centre on Saturday, 30 September, at 17:00.

The concert is free of charge.