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Bled Festival Hall / Bled Congress Centre,

Aleksandra Naumovski Potisk: LA FONTAIN'S FABLES

Produced by: Cona 8 Cultural Society

This December we are hosting a wonderful ballet event for children at the Bled Congress Centre. The thematic content of the performance is inspired by a fable by Jean de La Fontaine. Ballet dancers Urška Vidmar and Luka Žiher, actor Jan Bučar and pianist Aleksandra Naumovska Potisk, who also composed the music, will present fables The Lion and the Mouse, The Jay and the Peacock , and The Hare and the Tortoise. The ballets are introduced by an actor in the role of La Fontaine, who presents the fables, tells the children about the story's content and also talks about the lesson of each fable. The same story is then performed through dance and movement.

The fable, as a literary form, has several distinct advantages when it comes to communicating with children. The fables feature animals which are very close to the children's world, are common in fairy tales, and can easily be linked to human qualities and characters. Children and their parents are invited to a fairy-tale ballet and musical experience, rich for the eyes and ears.

The performance lasts up to 45 minutes and is suitable for preschool and primary school audiences.

Choreography: Luka Žiher

Idea, script, set design, lighting, and directed by: Saša Potisk

Dancers: Urša Vidmar in Luka Žiher

Actor: Jan Bučar

Pianist: Aleksandra Naumovski Potisk

Costumes: Tina Kolenik

Sewing: JOKS d.o.o.

Photography: Janez Kotar

Coproduction: Ljubljana Festival and Opera and Ballet of Slovene National Theatre Maribor